Should I Let My Bartender Sell My Home?

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If you’re reading this post, you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m getting at. Well, it’s actually based on a true story, so what you’re about to read isn’t fiction.

A friend of mine frequents a local fine eatery that happens to have a nice little bar. And the bartender that is often on duty built some rapport with my buddy over time.

Eventually, he mentioned to said friend that he was also a real estate agent, and the bar job was just another gig he did at night sometimes.

To my amazement, my friend began to talk real estate with the guy, despite the fact that he mainly serves up tasty cocktails and ice cold beers to thirsty patrons.

Real Estate Can Be a Part-Time Job

Here’s the thing with the real estate industry. There aren’t many barriers to entry, so just about anyone can get their real estate license and start assisting clients with buying and selling real estate.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is finding clientele, something not everyone can do with ease. That would explain why so many agents either never list anything, or do very little business.

It also explains the transient nature of the real estate agent profession. If you look at the statistics, you’ll find that a small number of agents do the lion’s share of total business.

So basically the rich get richer and the small fries don’t do too much, if anything at all, and eventually quit.

The point here is that everyone and their mother is a real estate agent or has been a real estate agent, or will be a real estate agent at some point in their lifetime.

Do You Want a Full-Time Real Estate Agent?

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with being a real estate agent, even if passively. But do you want your real estate agent to be serving other people drinks when you’re in escrow?

Or doing any other job when their job should be to help you sell your home or purchase a new one (I don’t want to pick on just bartenders here).

You might be better served going with a full-time real estate agent whose main priority is buying and selling homes.

In fact, they should eat, sleep, and breathe real estate and nothing else. They should also be dedicated to you and make all the time in the world to get the deal done.

Someone doing real estate part time might not be able to provide the service you need or desire, nor will they be well-versed in the constantly evolving market.

You need an agent that knows the market, the trends, how much to list a property for, how much to offer, which way homes prices are heading, etc.

If your guy or gal isn’t fully invested in the real estate profession, they might miss some of the finer points. And let’s be clear here – your real estate deal is probably one of the more important financial transactions you’ll take part in over your lifetime.

So leaving it to the pros is probably a smart move. No disrespect to bartenders, actors, models, or other “hustlers” trying to be jacks of all trades.

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  1. That is some bull. I am a full time realtor. I eat breathe drink the market. I am successful but in order to further network- I created my own private bartending business. I’m not too busy to help my clients before during and AFTER escrow and then throw my hair in a pony tail and network with millionaires in their backyard swirling old fashioneds. That thank you card goes a long way! This article is extremely generalizing and offensive and labeling!!

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