Real Estate Agents: Don’t Ever Make Your Prospective Clients Wait


So I spoke with some friends recently who were thinking about selling their property.

They were trying to decide who to use to list their home and after seeing a comparable property down the street sell for a really nice premium, they decided to reach out to the listing agent.

The rationale was basically if they can sell that inferior property for that much, surely they can sell our home for even more (since it’s bigger and nicer). Whether that’s true or not doesn’t matter.

Motivated Sellers Should Not Be Ignored

With no delay, the couple reached out to the agent and left a message with their office. Shortly after, they were contacted by the office manager (or executive assistant) or whatever they call themselves.

This person told them it would take a couple weeks (maybe a few weeks) for the real estate agent to come view their home and talk about a listing. She was busy, apparently.

By the way, they were motivated sellers and clearly communicated this to the gatekeeper at the real estate agent’s office during their phone call.

They made it crystal clear that they were ready to list their home ASAP without major contingencies, like the purchase of a new property. So to get this straight, the listing of a lifetime.

The client themselves reached out to the real estate agent (instead of the other way around), the clients think the agent is awesome because they got a great price on a recent sale, and the client wants to sell immediately without contingencies! Does it get any better?

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We’ll Get Back to You…

What do you do when a potential sale lands on your doorstep?

Do you tell them you’ll get them back to them in a few weeks, despite it coming during the traditional spring home buying season?

Or do you call them back immediately and ask if you can visit their property tonight, even if it’s 9pm?

If you’re in the latter camp, give yourself a pat on the back. You’re a hustler, even if you’re one of the busiest agents around. Well, that’s probably why you’re busy, because you get after it.

If you’re in the former camp, what are you doing? Are you banking on this client waiting several weeks for you to grace them with your presence? If so, you might just be nuts. Or you might be getting a little too big for your britches.

This is the strange world of real estate isn’t it? The highs and the lows. When things are going good, you think you can afford to let potential clients wait. When things are in the dumps, you’re badgering these very same clients day and night, begging for their business.

What’s that old saying? Make hay while the sun is shining? Perhaps before it’s too late and you’ve got no listings to speak of.

The takeaway here for real estate agents is to always reach out to potential clients immediately after your office staff have. Even if you can’t meet with them right away, at least make the phone call, or send the e-mail. Don’t hide behind your gatekeeper, who may or may not be doing a good job managing your prospects.

It comes off as arrogant and downright foolish for someone in sales (let’s face it, real estate is a sales job) to tell potential buyers they’ll get back to them.

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