Why Homes Aren’t Selling

Home sales have been softer than analysts have predicted, and it’s really no surprise. Prices aren’t really that attractive, even with all the home price declines; affordability is only historically high because mortgage rates are at record low levels. That’s one reason I don’t see mortgage rates rising anytime soon; wouldn’t want to dampen affordability,… Continue reading Why Homes Aren’t Selling

No Rush to Buy a Home

I follow the real estate market pretty intently, and I’ve actually considered purchasing some real estate myself, given the fact that bargains are beginning to emerge. But at the same time, I don’t think there is any rush whatsoever to purchase a property. I don’t think you’ll miss anything if you wait. Sure, home prices… Continue reading No Rush to Buy a Home

Top Investment Real Estate Markets for 2010

If you’re in the market for an investment property, you may be wondering where to buy in 2010. Well, a company that specializes in analyzing the “best” investment properties could make your search a little bit easier. FinestExpert.com gathers and analyzes data from over four million active properties nationwide, looking at things like employment, cash… Continue reading Top Investment Real Estate Markets for 2010

U.S. Home Prices to Return to Peak in 2020

There’s been plenty of talk of a housing bottom, but home prices may not rebound for another decade, according to a report from Celia Chen of Moody’s Economy.com. She said home prices won’t return to their 2006 peak levels until 2020, and even later in certain hard-hit areas like California, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Florida.… Continue reading U.S. Home Prices to Return to Peak in 2020