Housing Crisis Resolved

tiny house

Finally a solution to the ongoing mortgage and housing crisis.

For as little as $36,997, you can get your hands on a 65-square foot “tiny house” offered by the Tumbleweed company.

But if that’s still beyond your budget, you could consider ordering plans to build your own “tiny home” for as little as $995.

Tumbleweed specializes in ultra-small homes they feel are sufficient in size and a lot less harmful to the planet, aka green housing.

And because they’re so small and cheap, you won’t have to worry about a mortgage or costly utility bills.

Of course you may find it all a bit claustrophobic, so you may want to take a look at the larger models, which range in size from 89 square feet to a more reasonable 774 square feet.

Either way, the homes come on wheels, so you can always adjust your surroundings as need be to better suit your needs.

If your winter location is too cold, you could always throw the house on the back of your truck and head south.

Or if you need a vacation but don’t want to leave the pets behind, just bring the house with you.

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